Puresyn is known for rapid customer service response time and efficient processing times in addition to superior quality products and services.  Puresyn continually strives to exceed all expectations in services and products, and establishes collaborations to not only provide products but also assist in advancing research.

Puresyn incorporates a stringent Quality system in every aspect of our products and services and is committed to providing our collaborators with products and services of the highest quality. In order to meet that goal, all Puresyn functions are performed under the umbrella of our quality system. Puresyn maintains high standards to ensure that products meet or exceed our established specifications and those of our collaborators. We work with our collaborators to ensure the products and services we provide are of the highest quality possible in order to advance research.  Puresyn is able to do this through adherence to all applicable Puresyn policies and procedures, utilizing good scientific practices, and adhering to all applicable government regulations.

Puresyn provides contract plasmid DNA manufacturing services including TransfectionReadyResearchReady, and INDReady™ DNA for applications from Transfections to GMP Vector production and has over 20 years of DNA purification experience.

Puresyn uses its proprietary polymer technology resin PolyFlo®, an inert, irregularly shaped, non-porous polymer resin.  PolyFlo® has a DMF (Drug Master File) on file with the FDA and can be used for GMP  manufacturing.

Puresyn is Ready to collaborate with you!