High Quality DNA
for all phases of GMP vector production

Our Services


Driven by a comprehensive quality assurance process, INDReady® plasmid DNA is manufactured in segregated ISO-classified suites designed to meet the requirements for cGMP intermediates


Plasmid DNA Service utilizes our proprietary resin, PolyFlo® (DMF13090) and results in highly pure DNA. ResearchReady Plasmid DNA is suitable for a variety of research applications.


Our TransfectionReady Plasmid DNA Service is designed to be convenient and cost effective. At shipment, we will report 260:280 ratio, concentration (mg/ml), volume and quantity for each plasmid.


Puresyn, Inc. is committed to providing our collaborators with products and services of the highest quality.

All Puresyn functions are performed under the umbrella of our quality system. Puresyn maintains high standards to ensure that plasmid DNA products meet or exceed our established specifications and those of our collaborators. We work with our collaborators to ensure the products and services we provide are of the highest quality possible in order to advance their research. Puresyn is able to do this through adherence to all applicable Puresyn policies and procedures, utilizing good scientific practices, and adhering to all applicable government regulations.

The Puresyn team works together using a quality mentality. Each employee understands the importance of quality and strives to achieve quality in his/her individual roles. We use collaborator input and ingenuity to constantly improve our products and services. We continue to achieve higher levels of quality through teamwork and innovation